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User Generated Content Promotions: Balancing The Sponsor’s Rights Against Risks

INTRODUCTION User generated content (“UGC”) has quickly come to dominate the current landscape of online promotions and marketing initiatives.  As UGC is generally made available for public viewing without prior screening, its growing prevalence raises liability concerns when the UGC contains third party references or materials.  Web site operators/promotion sponsors have broad protections under the … Continue Reading

Cairns Patent Once Again Provokes The Promotions Industry To Re-Evaluate Online Promotional Games

Most major players in the promotions industry know that the so-called Cairns patent (U.S. Patent No. 6,173,267) is an online business method patent relating to online sweepstakes that involve unique codes.  Although it should be clearly understood that I am not a patent attorney (a highly-technical legal specialty), and this blog entry does not constitute … Continue Reading